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Bridging the gap between the energy
of today and tomorrow's world

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“Our core competence stays in classical conventional power generation, because we believe in its important transitional role towards a greener future.“
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Pavel Tykac
Ultimate Beneficiary

We are a european
Electric power industry group

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It is natural to be responsible
- to the people and to mother earth

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Effective 1 October 2018 Lubos Pavlas has been appointed the new CEO of the Sev.en Energy group
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Lubos Pavlas
CEO of
Sev.en Energy group

Sev.en Energy Group at a Glance

Our core competence stays in classical conventional power generation, because we believe in its important transitional role towards a greener future.

Our group operates a wide range of conventional energy related business units - from coal mines, power plant facilities and power engineering units, down to European energy market trading units.

In the current “green-only energy” atmosphere this fact could sound like a disadvantage, but we believe just the opposite. We are convinced that the combination of our firm rooting in the world of traditional energy, together with a deep expertise and willingness to share our knowhow, could bring big advantages to energy markets in transition. We understand our role in an energy market as a bridge between the energy of today and tomorrow – to address the continuing demand for reliable energy and the ambitious goal of making energy markets more renewably-fuelled.


fundamental characteristics
that best describe our group

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stability and

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technical expertise

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Our mission is to provide a perspective to conventional power plants as long as they are systemically needed and thus offer a robust basis for a swift transition of the energy sector towards a fully sustainable future.

In Europe, we want to be the enablers of that transition, bridging the gap between the energy of today and tomorrow. We are convinced that conventional plants will be replaced at some point, by industrial‐scale energy storage, smart grid systems and responsive demand side management. However, there is a transition period that may last several years. Sev.en Energy aims at supporting that transition, responsibly operating fossil plants that benefit both nergy systems and consumers.

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Alan Svoboda,
M&A Director

Our key target markets

seven energy

Almost 150 years of mining competence

Coal mining

Traditionally rooted in the conventional power-generating business, we are engaged in the extraction of coal. We are committed to the responsible mining of domestic lignite, thereby reducing the Czech Republic’s foreign energy dependence, while enhancing our industry’s competitiveness and scaling up affordable heating for households.

Sev.en Energy operates two lignite mines: the CSA surface lignite mine and the Vrsany mine, both located in Northern Bohemia. Our operations contribute to preserving a significant share of lignite in the Czech Republic’s energy mix.

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Mines: ČSA and Vršany




square kilometers of land in progress of restoration

10 mil.

tons of finest quality lignite reserves

Added-value power generation

Power generation

The Sev.en EC Chvaletice Power Plant became part of the Group in 2013. Sev.en Energy bought the shares in this utility from the CEZ Group. This move marked the Group´s entry into the electricity and heating markets as a major new utility

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820 MW

the total installed capacity

4 units

at the Chvaletice power station


the year of the total refit of the facility


of the most up-to-date, classical energy producing facilities in the Czech Republic

Up-to-date power engineering


Sev.en Engineering focuses on the preparation and realisation of modernisation projects, which guarantee the reliable and ecological running of traditional power plants. The scope of offered services includes project preparation, realisation of construction, technical and organisational activities in areas ranging from fire protection to occupational safety. Last but not least, they are responsible for the maintenance and technical support of the Chvaletice Power Plant.

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highly competent professionals


years of combined management power engineering experience


million EUR expected budget of the biggest current project


offices - Prague and Chvaletice Power Plant

Commodity trading at a european level

Commodity trading

Sev.en Commodities is a major player in the Czech energy market and an active player on the German and Austrian power markets. The company actively trades in electricity, coal and emission allowances at European wholesale markets through energy exchanges (European Energy Exchange for power and ICE – Intercontinental Exchange for emission allowances and financial coal products), brokers, and trade counterparts.

  The trading part of the group provides production optimisation, hedging, and dispatch control for the Sev.en Energy Chvaletice power station in the Czech Republic. The company trades also in physical coal products from Group’s mines as well as financial coal products on the exchange.

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GWh of electric power in 2017


years of energy trading expertise from the head of the team


members of a professional trading team

million tons of coal mined
since the date of acquisition
million consolidated revenues in EUR (2017)

GWh of Electrical
Energy Produced since 2013
million EUR
of Paid Taxes (2017)

Our leadership team


Alan Svoboda

M&A Director

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Lubos Pavlas

of Sev.en Energy group

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Vladimir Roucek

General Manager of Mining companies in the group

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Vaclav Matys

General Manager of Chvaletice Power Plant

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Jan Zizka

Director of
Sev.en Engineering

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Michal Skalka

Director of Sev.en Commodities

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We believe in sustainability

Sustainability is a part of our DNA, we have a long history of it. For example as far back as 1908 the first land restoration office was established in Dux, a city at the edge of the mining area. Long before the word sustainability became a part of our modern vocabulary.

Sev.en Energy continues in this effort. We recognise the impact of our operations on the immediate environment. Hence, the Group is taking every measure possible to reduce the impact of coal extraction and the coal-fired power station.

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Since 2005, we have been publishing comprehensive sustainability reports.

seven energy


square kilometres
of restored land from the
date of privatisation

seven energy


trees currently planted

We believe
in social


1.5 million EUR

Support of local


4.7 million EUR

Regional and
National Support


5.8 million EUR

International Support
of the Czech Language
at Oxford University



Press release
Sev.en Energy to complete transformation with Lubos Pavlas appointed head of the group

The Sev.en Energy group is to complete its several-month-long transformation as Lubos Pavlas has been appointed the new CEO of the group, with effect as of October 1, 2018. He will be replaced by Vaclav Matys as the head of the Sev.en EC power plant in Chvaletice. Ing. Lubos Pavlas is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Electrical Engineering Management of the Czech Technical University in Prague.. Read more

Interview to the Athenian-Macedonian news agency

5. August 2018 - ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ | Interview with Alan Svoboda, Executive Director of Sev.en Energy.
1. You are interested in investing in Greece as the third adjustment program of the economy is about to end. What are your estimates for the future of the Greek economy? Read more

The consolidation of business activities of Sev.en Energy enters the final phase

The spin-off of trading activities of Sev.en Energy group to Sev.en Commodities AG was successfully concluded on 1. 8. 2018 when the new group trading company has commenced the commercial activities – trading power, coal and carbon allowances in Europe. Read more

Press release - SEV.EN ENERGY and GEK TERNA join forces for PPC’s tender for Megalopoli and Meliti lignite power units

Athens, July 24th 2018 - INDOVERSE (CZECH) COAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED, member company of SEV.EN ENERGY Group, and GEK TERNA Group, have entered a partnership to jointly submit a binding offer at the second-round international tender for the spin-off of the Public Power Corporation’s lignite power units in Megalopoli and Meliti. Read more

Press release - Indoverse qualifies for the second round of PPC’s tender for Megalopoli and Meliti lignite power units

Athens, July 3rd 2018 - INDOVERSE (CZECH) COAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED, member company of Sev.en Energy Group, has qualified, based on the decision made by PPC’s BoD on July 3rd, for the second round of the international tender for the spin-off of the Corporation’s lignite power units in Megalopoli and Meliti. Read more
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