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Interview to the Athenian-Macedonian news agency

5. August 2018 - ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ | Interview with Alan Svoboda, Executive Director of Seven Energy.
1. You are interested in investing in Greece as the third adjustment program of the economy is about to end. What are your estimates for the future of the Greek economy? Read more

The consolidation of business activities of Seven Energy enters the final phase

The spin-off of trading activities of Seven Energy group to Sev.en Commodities AG was successfully concluded on 1. 8. 2018 when the new group trading company has commenced the commercial activities – trading power, coal and carbon allowances in Europe. Read more

Press release - SEVEN ENERGY and GEK TERNA join forces for PPC’s tender for Megalopoli and Meliti lignite power units

Athens, July 24th 2018 - INDOVERSE (CZECH) COAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED, member company of SEVEN ENERGY Group, and GEK TERNA Group, have entered a partnership to jointly submit a binding offer at the second-round international tender for the spin-off of the Public Power Corporation’s lignite power units in Megalopoli and Meliti. Read more

Press release - Indoverse qualifies for the second round of PPC’s tender for Megalopoli and Meliti lignite power units

Athens, July 3rd 2018 - INDOVERSE (CZECH) COAL INVESTMENTS LIMITED, member company of Seven Energy Group, has qualified, based on the decision made by PPC’s BoD on July 3rd, for the second round of the international tender for the spin-off of the Corporation’s lignite power units in Megalopoli and Meliti. Read more

Press release - Tykač’s Seven Energy group is consolidating its business in the Czech Republic and planning expansion to the European level

Press release, 27 June 2018
Pavel Tykač’s Seven Energy group is transforming its energy commodity trading. All business activities are being taken over by Sev.en Commodities AG, which intends to start trading with electricity, coal and emission allowances on the European level. The company is also considering trading natural gas in the future. Read more

Seven Energy plans acquisitions in Western Europe – exec

01 JUN 2018 | Mergermarket shared Intelligence | Katka Krosnar
Czech electricity supplier Seven Energy plans to acquire gas- and coal-related assets in Western Europe, Executive Director Alan Svoboda said. It is studying more than five targets at present, and hopes to complete at least one acquisition this year. Read more

Coal and gas in the service of green energy

17 April 2018 | | Přemysl Souček
Almost no one wants ‘fossil’ energy these days. There are many sellers in Europe, but few buyers. But the path to green energy is almost impossible without the help of electricity generated from coal and gas. And that’s what the Seven Energy group is betting on for its expansion into Europe. Read more

Czech Seven Group calls for lignite power plant reprieve

March 21, 2018 | European Power Daily (Volume 20 / Issue 57) | Page 2 | Henry Edwardes-Evans Read more

Czech firms look to sweep up profits from dirty power

PRAGUE/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Two Czech power companies are targeting fossil fuel-fired plants in Germany as part of a contrarian strategy to snap up older, polluting assets on the cheap from European energy giants going green. Read more

Czechs want to buy coal power plants

Thursday, 22 March 2018 | Tagesspiegel BACKGROUND Energy & Climate | Jens Tartler
What other energy providers want to get rid of, Seven Energy out of Prague wants to acquire. The company wants to collect coal-fired capacity throughout Europe and derive profits from the power plants for as long as possible. Read more

Czech Tycoon Earmarks $1.2 Billion to Buy Europe’s Old Coal

March 15, 2018 (Bloomberg) - Czech energy magnate Pavel Tykac is ready to spend 1 billion euros ($1.2 billion) of his own cash on aging coal and gas-fired power plants across Europe. He’s betting the dirty generators will be needed for decades to supplement the green power that’s taking a bigger role at utilities from Germany to Britain. Read more

Czech billionaires are going to battle over European power plants. We’re ready to start the hunt, says Tykač’s new strategist

13 March 2018 | Seznam Zprávy | Challenge | Zuzana Kubátová Pavel Tykač is not a shark but a visionary. He sees a unique opportunity to become a European player in energy, says Alan Svoboda, the new strategist of the Seven Energy mining company from Most, about its owner. Svoboda’s task is to launch a European expansion project worth billions. Read more

Pavel Tykač’s People Already Buying European Power Stations

The new Seven Energy Group wants to invest in conventional power generating capacities and is also planning to buy coal mines. Several European coal and gas fired power stations may change hands to be owned by the new energy group, Seven Energy, held by billionaire Pavel Tykač as early as this year. “We have some talks under way and more opportunities are emerging. We want to focus on all European countries,” says Alan Svoboda, Seven Energy’s Executive Director. Read more

Press release - Alan Svoboda becomes Executive Director of international group Seven Energy

26 February 2018 | Press release | Seven Energy
Alan SvobodaAlan Svoboda, former head of strategy and commercial director at ČEZ, has been appointed as Executive Director of the Seven Energy group, with main responsibility for strategy and the international growth of Seven Energy. Read more

Press release - Tykač’s New Seven Energy Group Expands to European Markets

Pavel Tykač is entering the European energy market through Seven Energy, a new group he is currently forming. His primary intention is to grasp attractive acquisition opportunities in Europe, thereby widening his companies’ current radius of action from predominantly production to strategic business. He is ready to invest more than a billion euro. Read more

Pavel Tykač Intends to Invest Dozens of Billions in Europe

Billionaires in the Czech Republic are running against the stream: they are increasingly betting on the transition to green energy taking longer than the EU countries have planned. In particular Daniel Křetínský, and his Energetický a průmyslový holding (EPH), has thus been buying old gas and coal fired power stations in Europe for several years. Now, his long-standing rival, Pavel Tykač, is also poised to go shopping; he wants to spend up to tens of billions of Czech crowns, largely on power stations. Read more

Billionaire Tykač Planning a Massive Expansion

22 February 2018 | Hospodářské noviny.
Billionaire Tykač Planning a Massive Expansion; Wants to Buy Coal and Gas Fired Power Stations in Europe. As late as mid-2017, Pavel Tykač, one of the wealthiest Czechs, was not yet planning any major expansion outside the country. However, the owner of brown coal mines in northern Bohemia and of the Chvaletice power station is has changed his mind now. Read more

New Czech firm to invest 1 billion euros in European power

PRAGUE, Feb 22 (Reuters) - Czech energy investor Pavel Tykac has set up Seven Energy holding company to invest more than 1 billion euros mainly in European power plants fired by fossil fuels, even as many utilities shift their focus to renewables. Read more