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Some time ago, we as Sev.en Energy announced an ambitious international expansion program which corresponds with the group's mission to provide a perspective to conventional power generation. We believe it is a robust basis for a swift transition of the energy sector towards a fully sustainable future. In line with our strategy we acquired a 50% stake in energy global player InterGen and we strenghtened our position on the Czech energy market by an acquisition of Alpiq Generation (CZ) which represents two CHP plants in two Czech cities - Kladno and Zlin.

On top of what is mentioned above, we have entered new domain - metallurgical coal mining industry - on one of  the most demanding market - by acquiring a 17.1% stake in Corsa Coal Corp. and 100% stake of Blackhawk Mining, LLC. Those moves made us an important player in the  given sector of the market.

 Within the last two years we made couple of significant steps towards fulfilling our vision of international expansion. 

Our track record
of investment in the energy sector:

Pocerady Power Plant

With its installed capacity of 5x 200 MW, the Počerady Power plant is one of the largest coal-fired power plants in the country and has been part of the Sev.en Energy group since the 31st of December 2020. Following its takeover, the group initiated a major overhaul to meet the obligations arising from the stricter BAT emission limits that will come into force during 2021.

January, 2021

June, 2020

Blackhawk Mining

Blackhawk Mining is one of the largest US metallurgical coal producers. With an annual production capacity of 7-8 million tonnes of metallurgical coal, Blackhawk Mining is an important supplier of metallurgical coal both locally and internationally. It also owns thermal coal mine complexes producing 3-4 million tonnes per annum. In 2019, Blackhawk Mining had $1bn revenues and $120m EBITDA.


Corsa Coal

Corsa Coal Corp is a coal mining company focused on the  productuin and sales of metallurgical coal, an essential ingredient in the production of steel. The mines are located in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, and Grantsville, Maryland. CC core business is producing and selling metallurgical coal to domestic and international steel and  coke producers. The Seven Energy has acquired a 17.1% stake in the mining company.


May, 2020

September, 2019

Alpiq Generation (CZ)

Alpiq Generation (CZ) s.r.o. - operated two plants, in Kladno and  in Zlin. In the Kladno plant, there are three CHP units that support the use of a fuel mix with a biomass share and two flexible gas turbines. Only modern installations gradually commissioned between 2000 and 2013 are currently being operated in Kladno, and the CHP plant therefore meets the Czech Republic's stringent environmental limits and the EU's new regulations effective from 2021. In the Zlin CHP plant, the primary fuel is coal, and it also fires biomass and biogas. With its 250 employees in Kladno and 150 in  Zlin, it is a major local employer.

Teplárna Kladno
Teplárna Zlín


InterGen is one of the leading independent power generators with assets in the UK and Australia. The company owns and operates three combined-cycle gas-fired power plants in the UK and has a stake in two, modern coal-fired power stations in Australia. The total installed capacity of the portfolio exceeds 4,000 MW as well as a 300 MW open-cycle gas-fired power plant currently under construction and expected to be completed in 2019. Furthemore, InterGen has several other energy projects in development.


January, 2019

An intense acquisition process has begun


Formation of commodity trading and power engineering units


The Group gets Alan Svoboda on board who brings decades of investment and M&A experience in the energy sector to the table


Consolidation of the fragmented group under the name of Sev.en Energy


Final bidder for acquisition of Vattenfall lignite mining and power generation


Acquisition of Chvaletice power plant from CEZ


Long term contract for lignite supply to CEZ (until 2062)


Pavel Tykac became the sole beneficiary of the whole group


Pavel Tykac first became involved in the coal company


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