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Sev.en Energy Expands into Solar

Press Release

Most, 15 September 2022 - Sev.en Energy Group is preparing five new photovoltaic power plants projects in the Most area. This way, the Czech Republic’s second largest electricity producer is proactively expanding into a modern energy segment. The Group will expand its existing and currently fully utilized production capacity in coal-fired power plants by an additional 130 MW from renewable sources.

The new photovoltaic power plants’ output accounts for 6% of the total photovoltaic capacity in the Czech Republic. Their annual production will be around 130 GWh. Such an amount of green energy alone could cover over 2% of the Ústecký Region’s annual consumption.

“These new generation plants will have a positive effect for the whole area’s energy self-sufficiency and help the Czech Republic make its electricity generation mix greener. Thus, we will take another step towards meeting the national decarbonisation targets. These projects are also an important part of Sev.en Energy’s transformation, especially in synergy with its key Green Mine transformation project,” says Pavel Farkač, the development and transformation project manager at Sev.en Energy.

The Group is currently preparing the required building permits documentation for all five projects, thereby approaching the actual start of construction on selected sites around the towns of Most and Litvínov. The new power plants are expected to start generating in 2025.

“We want to boost the competitiveness of green energy from large photovoltaic plants. We are intensively looking into the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) environment, pursuing the ambition to find direct consumers of this energy. We are also holding talks with potential investors interested in acquiring direct equity stakes in this segment (recently resuscitated from near-death caused by purported earlier corruption) of the Czech energy sector,” explains Pavel Farkač.

Sev.en Energy continues to focus primarily on power plants providing stable energy supply; nevertheless, according to Pavel Farkač, the new photovoltaic plants’ capacity has the potential to ensure that new capital projects planned in the area will be energy self-sufficient. “At the same time, the figure 130 MW reflects only the first wave of Sev.en Energy’s plans in photovoltaic. Our logbook also contains additional sites featuring even greater energy potentials,” concludes Pavel Farkač.

All five plants will be built on sites outside the farmland fund, and so there is no risk of the plants taking soil for, e.g., agricultural production. Certain brownfields will be used to some extent.

Sev.en Energy Group is a major player in the Czech energy market. In the Czech Republic, the Group’s portfolio includes the Chvaletice and Počerady power plants, the Kladno and Zlín CHP plants, and two brown coal surface mines in northern Bohemia. Outside the Czech Republic, the Group owns gas and coal fired power stations in the UK and Australia. In the US, it holds a 100% equity stake in Blackhawk Mining, a major producer of metallurgical coal for steel production. The Group trades energy commodities in the integrated European market.




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