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Sev.en Energy Group at a Glance

Our group operates a wide range of conventional energy related business units - from coal mines, power plant facilities and power engineering units, down to  European energy market trading units. In the current “green-only energy” atmosphere this fact could sound like a disadvantage, but we believe just the  opposite.

We are convinced that the combination of our firm rooting in the world of  traditional energy, together with a deep expertise and willingness to share our knowhow, could bring big advantages to energy markets in transition. We understand our role in an energy market as a bridge between the energy of today and tomorrow – to address the continuing demand for reliable energy and the ambitious goal of  making energy markets more renewably-fuelled.

"Our core competence stays in classical conventional power generation, because we believe in its important transitional role towards a greener future."

> Five basic principles of sev.en energy

We believe in operational perfection

We want our operations to be at the highest possible level and we subordinate our work to management and employees. Only with perfect performance can we stand up to the demands of a modern sustainable society.

We develop healthy business

Entrepreneurship is the engine of progress. We believe that a fair approach to entrepreneurship helps the development of society as a whole and we are ready to honor all the moral obligations that follow this belief. We abide by the rules of the game and society-wide requirements for sustainable business development.

We benefit from financial stability and independence

The advantage of our group is excellent financial background and sufficient capital. That is why we are independent of external economic fluctuations. We are strong enough to embark on further energy projects that will help bridge the transition to full use of renewable resources.

Our professional knowledge has deep roots

We build on many years of experience in modern coal mining and power generation. Thanks to them, our great-grandfathers and grandfathers built an industrialized country that is one of the most advanced countries in the world. Our expertise has deep roots and enables us to manage complex technological processes responsibly.

We honor our commitment to nature

We will always honor our commitment to nature. If we are forced to intervene, we rectify our steps quickly and effectively. More than two-thirds of the areas we have ever influenced by our activities have already been restored or are being reclaimed.


million tons of coal mined
since the date of acquisition

3 863

Number of employees


million EUR
of revenues (2018)*

20 990

GWh of Electrical Energy
Produced since 2013


million EUR of
Paid Taxes (2018)

* Represents sum of revenues of subsidiaries and associates of the Group, corresponding to relevant share held.

> News
27 August 2021 Oznámení

Corsa Coal

Sev.en Group took advantage of elevated share price and disposed part of its minority stake in Corsa Coal. Nevertheless, Sev.en Group remains committed to developing its presence in metallurgical coal space. Sev.en Group may, directly or indirectly, purchase, and subsequently sell, securities of the Issuer in the future on the open market, in private transactions or otherwise, depending on market conditions and other factors material to its investment decisions. Read more

22 October 2020 Tisková zpráva

Faster greening is the purpose: Sev.en Energy and ČEZ agree on an earlier sale of the Počerady Power Station

Prague, 22 October 2020 - Sev.en Energy Group will acquire the Počerady Power Station already this year as of 31 December 2020. This is three years earlier than originally planned. On the part of Sev.en Energy the reason for the agreement is the opportunity to expedite the complete retrofits for greening this major energy generating plant. It has been serving Czech households and companies reliably for tens of years, supplying them with approximately 7% of all electricity consumed. Read more

1 June 2020 Tisková zpráva

Sev.en Energy acquires Blackhawk Mining to significantly strengthen its presence in US metallurgical coal mining

Lexington, Prague; June 1, 2020 – Sev.en Energy AG is pleased to announce that it has acquired US metallurgical coal producer Blackhawk Mining, LLC. Read more

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