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The Chvaletice Power Station will meet the limits thanks to fabric filters for CZK 1.5 billion

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Chvaletice, 7 January 2020 – Sev.en EC is investing additional billions in the greening of the Chvaletice Power Station. It will meet the new European limits on particulates thanks to fabric filters for around CZK 1.5 billion. This equipment has been well tested in the sister company Teplárna Kladno (Kladno CHP Plant), acquired by the Sev.en Energy group last year. The Kladno CHP Plant is one of the most modern energy generating plants in the Czech Republic and in cooperation with Technische Universität Dresden is running a research programme demonstrating that fabric filters are highly efficient in flue gas cleaning, removing not only particulates but also mercury and other pollutants.

“At the first stage of our power station greening we wanted to reduce dust emissions using electrostatic precipitators. However, the completed project did not deliver the results we had expected, which was also one of the reasons for terminating the contract with the supplier. We therefore decided to change the technology and the experience of our sister company Teplárna Kladno was at hand. The fabric filter process will also help the Chvaletice Power Station to meet the new European emission limits on particulates and to reduce the emissions of certain other pollutants,” says Václav Matys, the Chvaletice Power Station’s CEO.

“The fabric filter process has been well tested in the US and Europe. In the Czech Republic, it was first employed on an industrial scale at the Komořany Power Station in 1995. In the light of the very positive experience, we have also selected this approach for the Kladno CHP Plant and it is helping us to reliably meet the new European emission limits on particulate matter,” says Petr Karafiát, Teplárna Kladno’s chief officer for engineering and the environment.

Electrostatic precipitators are normally used for separating particulates in the Czech Republic. Unlike them, fabric filters work solely on the basis of mechanical particle capture in special filter cloth made of the latest materials including nanotechnologies.

“The baghouse filter has several compartments, which are immersed in the flue gas stream cyclically. When a compartment is fouled with a dust cake it is closed and then cleaned by compressed air in a reverse pulse jet. The separated solids then travel to storage silos for disposal. Thanks to this principle, the equipment will substantially improve particle capture and will also help to reduce the emissions of other pollutants,” explains Petr Karafiát.

Because of the high level of its production and the inadequate results of the greening accomplished until then as regards dust, at the end of last year the Chvaletice Power Station had to apply for the replacement of emission ceilings. These were allocated to the various plants based on earlier (pre-2010) production, and therefore do not take into account the opportunity to use the Chvaletice Power Station’s total capacity in line with its current business model.

The Chvaletice Power Station has agreed to swap a part of the emission ceilings with three energy generating plants: the Opatovice Power Station, the Komořany CHP Plant, and the Plzeň CHP Plant. This transaction will not increase the total amount of emissions in the air at all and is fully in compliance with Czech legislation. In addition, the dispersion study attached to the application for the amendment to the integrated permission confirms that the related ambient air pollution will not have an impact on the environment.




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